Gambling is not a disease

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DEFINITIONS OF GAMBLING. Wildman[] suggests that the important thing to remember about gambling is that it is “a conscious, deliberate effort to stake valuables, usually but not always currency, on how some event happens to turn out.”There are also “quasi-gambling” activities, such as stock market and real estate investments that can be used as opportunities to gamble, and so must be ... Why Addiction Is Not a Disease: An Interview with Dr. Marc ... Neuroscientist, retired professor, and author Dr. Marc Lewis is convinced that addiction is not a disease, and he explains why in this fascinating interview. The Disease Model of Addiction Debate “Muddle” is an apt word choice for the current state of affairs in the "addiction is a disease" / "addiction is not a disease" debate. Addiction Is Not A Disease - On the other hand, addiction to drugs and alcohol is not obviously a disease, and to call it such we must either overlook the major gaps in the disease argument, or we must completely redefine the term "disease." About The Clean Slate Addiction Site is dedicated to bringing you a sane, sensible, and helpful view of addiction/substance abuse. Addiction is not a Disease | Non 12 Steps Program

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Addiction Is Not A Disease Quotes “Although the brain disease model of addiction is perceived by many as received knowledge it is not supported by research or logic. In contrast, well established, quantitative choice principles predict both the possibility and the details of addiction.” Heyman, G. M. (2013). The Medical Facts: Is Addiction a Disease? | AION Recovery

Brain diseases are not simply biological in nature. They affect the behavioral and social interactions of a person. Since a person struggling with addiction is not monitored until the addiction is plain to others, who is to say the disease was not already present in the brain, waiting to be observed?

Is Addiction Really a Disease? | Psychology Today If not, what is it? A new look at an old idea. For many decades it's been widely accepted that alcoholism (or addiction) is a disease. The "disease concept" is taught in addiction training ... Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease, It is a Choice - The ... Your theory that substance addiction is not a disease is not supported by the definition of disease: “a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms.” Meriam Webster’s online dictionary.

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